Wednesday, October 13, 2004

How I Got Into Z-Business

My mother was in Nakiski, Alaska visiting a friend she had gone to high school with. Now, that is a miracle in itself, as they are in their 70's and they know where each other lives and one isn't pushing up daisies.

They went up to Kenai, Alaska, about 15 miles away, to get some plants for her friend yard. While at the greenhouse my mother saw these goofy looking shoes with coils on the back and asked about them. She was told they were for pain. The lady sold them and then let you return them if they didn't fit. So, Mom got a flyer telling all about them as she was not sure of my size.

When she got back to Anchorage, she called and told me about these crazy looking shoes that were suppose to help with pain and that she had a flyer about them and would put it on the refrigerator so I could pick it up the next time I was over.

Several weeks went by and I had been to her house a few times but we had both forgotten about the flyer.

Early one morning a friend from the Kenai area called and was telling me about the shoes as they knew I had just started working a new job and was having real problems with my hips as the concrete aggravated my arthritis. They said they were selling like crazy there.

Later that night about midnight, I went to bed but just couldn't seem to get comfortable. I finely dozed off and out of no where I hear:

"Don't buy them, sell them".
W h a t....
Something goofy is going on....I rolled over and finally dozed again and I heard it again,

"Don't buy them, sell them".

Now something is getting real goofy...what am I suppose to not buy, but sell? (I didn't think of the shoes as it had been way over 12-14 hour since I had talked to my friend).

I finally got to sleep and about 4:30 AM I sat straight up in bed and said,"it's those damn shoes!!".

The next day I got up and headed to my mothers and got the flyer, came home and went upstairs to my friends and had them go on line and see if they could find out where to get them. We got the number.

The next day was a Monday and I called and asked if they were looking for dealers. I asked for information to be sent to me. (I had never had a pair on my feet.)

I got the information and of course it said you had to have a pair and like them before you could be a dealer.

I called and order my shoes and the day after I got them I wore them to work. No more pain! That was Aug 3 of 2000 and I opened the store on Nov 1, 2000. We had to wait till they got an order in October to get our first order of shoes.

NOW THE REST OF THE STORY: My father was a diabetic and heart patient. He passed away Feb 7, 2000. Before his death he had lost both legs just below the knee because of diabetes but was still able to walk with prostheses up to the day of his death. My mother and I started The Shoe Box from the life insurance he left her. After we became dealers, we found out that Z-Coil was working on a diabetic shoe. This has not progressed to well to date but is still something they are working on. After selling Z-Coils to many diabetic people, I have found how much they have helped with this affliction.

I believe these shoes are the new-age answer to many health issues and I guess someone "up there" thought the same thing. Don't know where the voice came from that told me to do this but when things get tight I just say "OK you better help me out here or I can't get the bills paid" and it seems to work every time.

Now I guess you have most of my story. The rest is - we were the first retail Z-Coil shoe store other than the one the company has in

Shoe Box Mary

P.S. My mother now suffers from Alzheimer's so doesn't work in the store any more. She use to come in from time to time just to lace shoes or what ever but she isn't driving anymore so once in a blue moon my brother will drop her off for a couple of hours and she will lace shoe.

4240 Old Seward Hwy. A15 (Map)
Anchorage, AK, 99503
Email: Mary L. DeZarn
Phone: (907)336-7463


At 12:32 PM, Blogger Halloweengirl said...

Hello Shoebox Mary,
I am writing from Salem, Illinois. I have a blog and was showing it to my mom as I am at her house for lunch and a movie today. I was showing her that you can click on "Next Blog" and a random blog will appear. My mom also suffers from arthritis pain and has problems walking. So, we are very intersted in your shoes. Z-coils..How amazing..never knew anything like this existed. I will send you an email and you can contact my mom with the info. Loved your blog, such a prophetic story. I believe everything happens for a reason. That is why your blog appeared..thanks so much.
In case you miss my is my mom's hotmail addy:, her name is Mary too!
Sheila aka Halloweengirl

At 10:38 AM, Blogger Shoe Box Mary said...

Hi, you have to get the shoes from a dealer as they are custom fitted to each person. Go to This is the companies website. To to "Where to buy" and bring up your state and you will find all the dealers in your state. If your close to a border of another state, look up that state as there may be one even closer. Just let them know you saw "Shoe Box Mary's Blod". They will get a kick out of that. Welcome to the "Z Family" as we say.
Shoe Box Mary


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