Saturday, October 23, 2004


The Alaskan Statewide Nurses Convention was held at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage. Nurses from all over the state of Alaska attended. Many vendors were also in attendence including The Shoe Box with Z-Coil shoes. Many speakers and vendors were from the lower 48. Nursing schools and medical equipment outnumbered all other vendors.

Z-Coil shoes was among the biggest hits. We were not there to sell but to educate nurses about the shoes and their abilities for themselves and their patients. One vendor's husband from Spokane, Washington wore the Blue/White Freedoms. His wife tried them on and is heading to their local store as soon as she gets home. She does many conventions and stands on her feet all day.

We gave away a free pair of Freedoms in a drawing held on the last day of the convention. Jason from Glennallen, a nurse, left the convention an hour early to be sure he got his shoes before he had to go back home.

Many people tried on the shoes....nurses and vendors both. All were very impressed and wanted to purchase the shoe on the spot. Next week will tell the tail. We should be very busy.


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